When Good isn’t enough

conditioning your mind and body for lasting performance

A complete neuro and lifestyle reset to build resilience and supercharge results

Katie's unique and patented 360º method uses, proven, science backed techniques to build resilience and reach peak performance.

What would it feel like?

To be in a state of peak mental fitness not doubting your ability. 

To have a failsafe strategy to pack away negative thoughts and thrive under pressure.

To live without overwhelm or anxiety but have an abundance of energy.

All of this requiring no more than 20 minutes a day out of your normal routine.

If the answer is good...

working with katie

The KM360 method has been developed by Katie Millett to help people who want to build their resilience and boost their performance.

Develop the mindset, skills and strategies to navigate life’s ups and downs

Katie offers a range of speaking formats around health, well-being and performance

A certified Wim Hof instructor Katie has over 12 years experience in the Industry

A toolkit to help those in challenging circumstances to turn their life around

'Be the change' is my favourite quote because I strongly believe that once you can shift your mindset anything is possible.


Katie Millett

Katie began her career in the high pressure world of the financial sector before a dramatic re-evaluation of life led her down a new route. A different chapter as a private yoga teacher soon evolved and expanded into Katie becoming Zen Monk trained, Wim Hof level 1, Health and Nutrition coaching certified.

Having worked extensively with the Saracens Foundation and a number of corporate big hitters, it was a natural progression from wellness coach to performance and resilience trainer and ultimately the development of the KMt360 Method.

Today Katie can also be found at speaking engagements and working in some of the toughest male reform institutions, helping with prisoner rehabilitation.